How to Make a Proper Fist for Punching & Self Defense

Hi, my name is Jim Lee... and today I am going to show you the secret for making a proper fist. I am often surprised how even people who've been practicing martial arts sometimes don't have good form when making a fist. If you know a few things, you'll be on track to using this technique to make a strong and powerful fist. I'll also tell you the secret for producing a powerful punch... read on.

Making a good fist is all based on physics. I won't get all scientific, but I will say that the form, positioning, alignment... well, everything actually, all takes advantage of science. It's the difference between you breaking your hand/wrist and producing a solid punch. Ok, below are the steps to making a good fist:

1. Make sure your wrist is locked and in a straight line.
2. Curl your fingers into your palm, and tuck your thumb outside.
3. Make sure your 2nd knuckle is the point of impact and in line.

Notice how the knuckle, fist, wrist and arm are all aligned in a straight line. You want to make sure your wrist and fist are tightly tensed at the point of impact when you punch... this will help transfer the power from your fist.

Here's the secret to a powerful punch: in addition to throwing a very fast punch, you also want to put all of your body weight behind your punch. Imagine yourself putting all the power of your weight into the space of one knuckle.

In addition, there are punching techniques which enable you to have great speed, as shown in the video above. I've created a self defense tutorial video which shows you how to do this technique at